Monday, March 29, 2010

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Sometimes, just sometimes you see a t shirt and think "damn I wish I had that idea!"... in the case of Avid Climbing... and one shirt in particular I (Noodles) did have that idea... but never followed through on it :( My bad, that's the way the cookie crumbles!

But... someone did follow through on a thought I had a while back, here's the t-shirt in question...
and here's Avid Climbing, t-shirt printers for your climbing needs!

Name and job.

Ryan Villanueva
founder, designer, printer, everything!

Avid climbing is a t shirt company that directs their products to climbers, whats the history of the company? Where are you based?
Well, avid started back in 2007 in my dorm room (apparently where all good ideas come from). I wanted to design graphic clothing for the climbing community that reflected the uniqueness of our obsession- and it is an obsession. But, funny enough, it wasn't until I met and bouldered with Boone Speed at Reimers Ranch in Austin Tx who inspired me to get this thing going. We didn't talk about my idea, but his encouragement and intensity that day was exactly what I needed to start Avid. Plus, and this is totally 100% true, he was like a human fortune cookie that day, wearing a t-shirt that said "delay no more"

What's the goal of Avid?
The ultimate goal of avid is to put sweet sweet designs on the backs of climbers everywhere

Any stand out products that you're really proud of?
Were proud of all of our products! Thinking up and working on new designs excites me the most. if i had to pick a most popular, it would be the "Clipping ain't easy" tee

Are your shirts screen or digitally printed?
screened...all tha way

Do you screen them yourselves?
yep, we screen them ourselves! our shirts are made one by one, from start to finish, on a manual press and are not mass produced by a mindless machine that spits out thousands of shirts a day. each shirt is truly special

What t shirt stock do you use?
We've actually experimented with a couple of stocks such as anvil and gildan but are currently fixated on American apparel tees. they offer such great comfort, fit, and feel which as we all know is super important when your climbing, unless you're a guy who climbs with his shirt off...then it doesn't really matter

I want the 99 problems shirt :) What else is coming up, any new designs?
The 99 problems shirt is sick indeed, You may just have one coming your way! we've actually got quite a few designs coming up that we are super excited about to include the "harness tha power" tee and the much anticipated "grind till i" tee. our goal is to spit out a new design every month

Why the company name? Is everyone involved a "avid" climber?
The company name was the make or break part for me personally. When choosing a name, and I'm sure you know this, just any name wont do...its gotta have meaning. Being an avid climber (and were not just talking about the people who wear our stuff, but actual climbers) means your putting in the hours...ripping up the skin, throwing down the time and dedication to this sport which in all reality is a lifestyle. we want our designs to reflect this.
yes, everyone involved (myself and co-owner Travis Smith) are both avid climbers. as a matter of fact, when were not at our day jobs or working on avid, you can probably catch us at the local gym/crag

Why start a shirt company? It's hard work isn't it?
Hard work is pretty much an understatement! On top of Avid, Travis and I tend to our daily careers (which we one day hope to quit in order to work on avid full time!) which take up a lot of time. We're not in this game to get rich. We're not in it to get laid, nor are we in it to impress anyone. We do it because we like seeing the fruits of our labor pay off when we see a super dedicated climber who truly gets what this lifestyle is all about, throw on one of our tees and just enjoy climbing for what it is. We also couldn't be here if it wasn't for the climbing community supporting us the entire way. We'd like to thank everyone
who has played a role in getting us as far as we've come. Special thanks to Aaron and Lisa Gibson, Sherwin Tibayan, members of team avid who are constantly repping us, and the countless individuals who have offered their time and expertise not for personal gain, but solely for the purpose of seeing Avid move forward.

In five years, where do you want Avid to be? five years ( dream bubbles commence)
In 1,825 days, i would like to move Avid's home base to Oregon. i would also like Avid to be at as many comps as possible and also, both me and Travis working on Avid full time. Seeing some Of our threads in gear stores around the US wouldn't be so bad either!

Where can people get your clothes? Is it just online or are there stores that they can go and see the products first hand?
At the moment you can only get em online at our site:
we do sell at Rocktown Climbing gym in Oklaohma City yand are currently working on getting our stuff into more gyms and stores around the country- keep an eye out for us!


Nick said...

Great shirts man avid looks pretty sick.

Nick said...

Hey man i like that dyno shirt the best but 99problems is pretty sick too, keep it up.