Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Here are some movies for your viewing pleasure :)

Could Be Worse: 27mins long, mainly shot in Switerland.
Filmed by: Boulderkeskus

Could Be Worse from Boulderkeskus on Vimeo.


From the creators of The Dirtbag Diaries and 49 Megawatts comes a new web television project following five athletes through the course of a single season in the Pacific Northwest. A veteran climber invents a new piece of gear. A pro snowboarder searches for a way to return to the roots of his sport. A boulderer returns from a series of injuries with new perspective. A family man goes to Whistler to test himself against mountain biking’s elite. A young sea kayaker with a troubled past sets out to reinvent his sport.

Shot entirely in HD, this 22-episode series is available to you for free at a number of locations. Every episode premieres on the Arc’teryx web site. You can have the HD version delivered right to your computer and find all the old episodes by subscribing on iTunes. Expect new episodes once or twice a week.

P.S. This is our baby. For months we schlepped ropes, camera gear and tripods through underbrush and up the side of cliffs to present our vision of these sports. Some of these athletes are professionals, some aren’t. They are all unique people who have something to say. We’ve enjoyed helping them tell their story. We hope you enjoy their stories.
Bryan Smith and Fitz Cahall

The Season Episode 15 from Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

Bowlder Films shot this... it's a full on movie. Kickass

OUTSIDE from Aleix Vilardebo on Vimeo.

Chuck Frybergers new movie Core. Here's the trailer:

Again Jordan and the boys drop some beautifully filmed shots

New River Gorge Curse from Louder Than 11 - Jordan Shipman on Vimeo.

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