Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Name and job
Josh Fowler. The owner and creator of B.A.Gear

Where are you based?
Bloomington, Indiana

You have a company called B.A.G, what does it stand for?
B.A.Gear is the name inspired by all the Bad Ass people who have supported me in creating this company and we make Bad Ass Gear. It also works because majority of our products are bags of some sort, so it works.

You're making chalk bags in some pretty sweet fabrics, the bags are hand made?
Yes in my new shop. I have a background in upholstery and enjoy making things
by hand, so it all works out. Every bag is double stitch reinforced and put through a
rigorous 17 point inspection. On a side note we do strength test each chalk bag with a
PBR tall boy haha

What's your current line up look like?
At the moment we have bouldering buckets, chalk bags in stores. Ryan gets bored and has been dabbling in wallets.

Are you going to be expanding your line any time soon?
Yes, we are in the process of producing route setting and bolting/haul bags along with tote bags. We are working on a few custom projects also.

How do people get in contact with you?
Through our website at or they can e-mail me at

Can they order a specific color combo?Yes, for sure.
We also are offering options of 1-3 pockets on our bouldering buckets. We're also takin g suggestions and custom projects

Any sponsored athletes?
We have picked up a few so far.
Lane Sipahimalani out of Indianapolis, In
Neal Sipahimalani also out of Indianapolis, In
Emelia Hartford climbing out of Bloomington, In
Dru Mack climbing out of Peewee Valley, Ky
Jordan "The Wizard" Garvey of Bloomington, In

And last but not least Ryan Jones my roommate and head route setter at Hoosier Heights.
He's also the tester of our haul bags and helps with designs

W hats the price range on your current line up?
Our basic chalk bags are running around $20 dollars and our basic Buckets are around $30

Favorite place to climb
The RED!, and Hoosier Heights when I can't make the 5hr drive.

You climb indoors, any favorite holds?
So Ill and Project Holds. The new Crypto Volumes are also rad!


neals on wheels said...

I'm Neal Sipahimalani, and I approve this interview.

Anonymous said...

I rock a B.A.Gear chalk bag and definitely dig it. I've had many other chalk bags in my 6 years of climbing and they always busted for one reason or another, usually the cord to cinch it tight. Not the case thus far with B.A.Gear, I think this one is in it for the long haul. Really like the design and the patch too, looking forward to an expansion of products. And most importantly, these guys are out of Indiana, fellow flatlanders! We need love too.

Anonymous said...

Im Dru Mack, and i also Approve this Interview.....the bags are wonderfull, lond lasting, with some very thought out details..