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A while back and when we say a while back we're talking the best part of a year we grabbed an Asana Team Pack; why? Well we were looking for an everyday bag that could also double as a crag / gym bag. Here's what the bag looks like:

Here's what the Asana site says about the bag:
"This super-smooth backpack brings your climbing team together. It contours to your back to provide stability and it's sleek, lightweight backpack straps keeps it simple. You'll also love the three tubular handles for picking it up and moving it around the boulder field"
Here are the specs:
  • Zippered pocket holds wallet & keys
  • 3 carry handles
  • Shoulder straps
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • 1440 cubic inches
  • 1000 denier nylon and 600 denier exterior
  • Price: $58
Noodles took control of the bag from day one and there's not much he hasn't done with it... let's hear it from him:

This bag according to Asana is for going to the gym, I ignored this and used it as my daily bag for over 6 months. I ride to work in all weathers so I was wondering how useful it was going to be when the heavens opened and it started chucking it down on me; the simple answer to this is it is pretty waterproof if you're not out for too long but more than about 20 minutes of the torrential rain we get in Montreal and then whatever you have in your bag will be wet (remember this bag is for going to the gym) I've also found that bag to be slim enough to fit easily into a crash pad for days when I've been outside and all I was carrying was my shoes, food, and all the other daily stuff you need for a day out and about

As a gym pack it's not bad, you can cram in a half rope and your gear without too much trouble, jump on your bike and have a session before cramming it all back in and heading home. The bag works very well, the straps even when fully loaded are wide enough to not cut into your shoulders (I broke a collar bone years ago and it doesn't like too much load on it), at the top; between your shoulders, the straps are held in place by a huge piece of Velcro so any uneven loads can't cause them to slip about.

The bag has some nice handles on the front and one at the top, the ones on the front being helpful for picking the bag up and swinging it about as needed. One thing that (for me) is missing from the bag is a hip belt, but that's because I'd prefer one when I'm riding my bike.

Thankfully I can't really complain too much about the bag being no good for extended trips or for carrying a rack / full rope to your next destination as Asana have recently released a larger version of this bag called the Tour Bag:
this is something that I'd like to have when I'm outside and having to haul a full length rope with me to the crag, again there isn't a hip belt which kind of sucks and it's something I'd prefer to see on both packs.

Overall I've run the Team Pack to hell and back, it's done weeks on a bike, it's been in the snow, the rain, one bike crash and has been a constant partner whenever I've been outside.... best thing is that it still looks like new, sure it needs a good wash after the abuse I've given it but it's still in tip top condition. It's something that is a) good value b) a cheap gift for the climbing bum in your life and c) as I've not managed to destroy it... really well built :)

  • Bomb proof construction
  • Still looks like new after 6 months of abuse
  • If you have a team Asana will do the logos for free on orders over 20
  • No hip belt
  • Taller framed people will have to go for the larger Tour Bag

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