Monday, November 1, 2010

New Stuff > November

Here's the new stuff for November... all images will be click for larger!!

Three Ball Climbing
Coming soon the Snarf!-------------------------------
Meet Venus-------------------------------
Spectrum (Orange), Frequency (Red), Thermal (Yellow) and the Catalyst jugs (Green)
The Catalyst are dual texture holds!

Sequence Climbing
A sneek peak at some new Sequence shapes-------------------------------
Nicros Handholds
Font roof jugs and Volcanoes


Big D Balls... what?!and then...


Louie Anderson said...

Different depth pours of the same shape?

ntmb said...

That would be my guess

Vincent said...

indeed... and then created individual molds for each version. :-) uneven mold wear would be bad ;-)

Morgan Barnes said...

I love short pours! They all end up on my wall. Some of my favorite holds for sure.

Louie Anderson said...

These are somewhat reminiscent of the Happy Fun Balls that Jason has done for Pusher and Revolution over the years, but I like these much more.

You should definitely do some different larger versions as time allows.

These should be fun to climb on...