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Aight, we've been busy the last week with competitions and reviews, this week we're taking a quick break... but we're not just sitting on our asses, nope, we were contacted by Limestone Software about a free app that they made to make a climbers life just that little bit easier.

Making apps isn't easy, look at Noodles, he makes video games for a living and it's no fun thing. Now Limestone (who are Montreal based) have put out a climbing grade converter for free, we decided to sit down and have a chat with them about it.

Route converter
1. Name and job
Fran├žois Campeau full time software developer at Asset Science and co-founder of Limestone Software and Martin Morissette, full time software developer at 8D Technologies and co-founder of Limestone Software. 

2. Company name, and what do you do?
Limestone Software is an indie mobile application development company focused on crafting quality consumer software. We are currently concentrating our efforts towards the design of iPhone and iPad applications related to our fields of interest, namely climbing and photography.

Bouldering conversion

3.  So you decided to make a grade converter why?
We found that the market lacked a well designed and tough out climbing grade converter and we needed one for out last trip to Tonsai in Thailand. Furthermore, Redpoint was a great starting point to familiarize ourselves with the submission process on the Apple App Store and the perfect little app to start out our company's portfolio. 

4. What formats is the converter available upon?
Redpoint is currently only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) We are open to porting it to other platform if there is enough demand for it.

5.  You're not making money... was this a conscious decision?
Yes we were very conscious of that fact when we launched Redpoint and it's important for us that always remains free. Although elegantly designed ;-) we don't feel people should have to pay for such a simple app. See it as a gift to the climbing community which as been very generous to us since we started climbing a few years ago and also a way to get our company's name out there.

6.  Do you have plans for more climbing related apps?
Yes we have lot's of ideas for more climbing related apps but right now we are focusing on our second app which will be photography related

You can get the Grade Converter from the below two links, if you like it please review it!!

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