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Unless you're European, or probably more likely specifically Italian you've (we're guessing) not heard of a company from Italy called Kando holds. We had, in fact we added them to climbingholdreview a while back, we checked out their stuff and liked the look of it, so we grabbed a couple of sets to see what those sneaky Europeans were up  to :)

The first set we're looking at are called the Erosions...

Kando Holds: Erosion: Pinchy
What you're looking at is essentially a big ol set of pinches that can in some cases can double as edges and pockets. When they arrived there was a scramble for the box... everyone ran for scissors or knives to get the box open, it's always exciting to see holds from a company that we've not seen before and to be honest there were a few smiles when we opened the box. The Erosions came well packed and in neon pink... now we know that mixing bright neon holds is a pain in the ass and these things are PINK, and even before touching one of the holds Noodles was "if these are that pink then they're resin"... score one for him. These holds are made of a light weight resin and when you tap it it does sound like it's kind of brittle, it was (considering the way some packages arrive here) a surprise that when we picked them up that they were so light and in one piece. Resin has this heavy feeling to it, these don't have that feeling they're pretty light and that always worries us... light and resin generally means easy to break. It looked like we were going to have to be careful with these guys :(

So with the fact that we wanted to be careful with them we bolted them on the wall and screwed them down tight to see what would happen... nothing, despite the lightness of some of the holds they're strong. So we dropped on onto the floor to see what would happen there... nothing, ok so we're getting off to a good start. And then someone dropped a hold (accidentally) onto another hold... what happened? A couple of little chips on the edge.. but no real damage, these guys are stronger than you'd think
Kando Holds: Erosion
Kando Holds: Erosion ... matchable

Kando Holds: Erosion
Climbing on these holds was something different from what we've seen over the last few years, the holds have a really interesting feel to them; they're kind of limestone like with lots of little grooves for your fingers to slip into, most of the holds can be easily matched so setting becomes interesting because you're trying to set moves that will allow the holds to be used in this manner, rather than when you're looking at something that can only be used by one hand, lets face it if you can match a hold on a route the chances are is that you're going to... because it's there :)

We set enough routes with these holds to see where their strengths and weakness' lie... there are a bunch of positives and negatives to these shapes, some people found them a little tweaky on the fingers, others didn't mind the shaping... one thing that everyone found is that they're easy, they do look more difficult than they actually are (unless you set with the smallest of the holds on a steep section of wall and then are asking people to really haul on them) given that every hold can be pinched no matter which way you have them rotated.

It could be said that there are a lot of options with these holds, mainly because there are, some people might say that there is a little bit too much... but as a range of holds they're a jack-of-all-trades, they're not just one thing they're many.


As the set is mainly fairly incut you can go pretty steep with these guys, they aren't really incut enough to be used on the roof as we found when we were trying to get off of the Molecule and up onto one of the holds that was up there. You can grab then when they're up there, but pulling on them to get up and then move was really really hard. These holds do have a couple of sharpish edges here and there so if you're planning on jumping around between them take this into account, your fingers will thank you for it. Most of the holds are great for pinches, large incut edges or smallish jugs... they are a jack of most trades so if you want something (and have the discipline) to only use them on one fashion or another then these are pretty handy

  • Number of holds: 10
  • Type (Bolt / Screw Ons): Bolt
  • Price per hold (set price divided by number of holds): 65 Euros / 10 = 6.50 euros each
  • Color: Neon pink
  • Bolt placement: Good
  • Sanding: Not bad
  • Hollow backed: No
  • Soft back (Rubber backed): No
  • Texture: Good, not too rough. The shapes give you more grip due to their shaping
  • Set size: They're not classed on the site, we'd call them medium
  • Versatility: Great
  • Pre-drilled screw holes: No
  • Shaper: Kando holds
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Distribution:
 These holds are bright as all hell, we love bright holds... and this neon pink is probably the most neon we've seen so far. Shape-wise they do do a bunch of grip positions well but some of the positions are a little tweaky for you fingers, these holds work best a largish pinches. The sanding is pretty good across the board with a couple of patches being skimmed over at the edges and this leads us to the edges, they are kind of sharp so when you drop them you do get some chipping occurring.. that's part of the way they're shaped and the material that they're made from.

All of the holds have a "K" for Kando Holds on them, so they're easy to find in a box of holds (if the color didn't blind you when you were looking for them!) The bolt holes are nicely drilled and square, with the washers sitting good and flat. Texture-wise these holds have a good feel to them and it's part the shaping and part the grip that the material gives that make them feel unique; they are grippy but not fingertip sore grippy.

We've mentioned this a bunch, the only downside that we can find with these holds is the fact that they look / sound and at times feel brittle. So far we've not broken one of them yet, but we're due for another drop / strength test soon so we've put one of the holds into a box to see how they perform; we did crank all of their holds up as tight as we dared and we didn't crack any holds so it could be a case of the holds sound brittle but they're strong... only time will tell on this front

Polyester resin


Kando Holds: Erosion... matchable
We all know by now that I'm a hold-snob... whore, call it what you will. I have a love / hate relationship with resin holds, I do love them, I like resin (some people don't) but I hate it when you've got to be so careful with a hold (or holds) because when you store them or chuck them around they do break / chip / get smashed when people aren't careful with them. I go so far as to wrap resin holds when they go into a box... sideline there's nothing worse than a broken hold in my mind... these holds are no different for me, they have to be treated with some TLC when you set with them or you store them.

These guys are strong when they're on the wall, we have another set of Kandos holds and they feel much more solid than these guys (the review will be upcoming soon) They climb well, apart from a few sharp edges here and there and they do many many things pretty well.... I hate the fact that I feel if I look at them wrongly they will break... you know, like the dramatic chipmunk that look could probably break these guys... but i'm wrong, i just cranked one up to beyond hand strength and it was fine

If you want some do a "bunch of stuff holds", these are a good option, but if you're ham fisted and you drop stuff wait and check out the other Kando holds we'll be looking at

To be honest I only climbed a couple of routes with these holds, apart from the color the shapes are pretty interesting... each one is matchable even when I'm pinching on them and I find them pretty versatile. My main problem with these holds is that they sound brittle when you tap them, kind of like china plates; we've chipped a couple but we've had no problem with breakages thus far

These holds are in a strange place for me, they do a lot of things so I feel that they feel a little cluttered for my taste. They do climb pretty well and they do look nice but other than that I'm kind of on the fence with them

Oh yeah, when you go to their site it plays music that you have to turn off all of the time, it's kind of annoying :(

  • Lots of grabbing options
  • Awesome neon pink color
  • Sound brittle(ish)
  • A couple of the holds are a little sharp in a few areas


Anonymous said...

I think you really can't judge an entire copany form one single small not significant set.

So your review in not useful and may cause an unconsistent damage to the brand.

Take a look at some big or xxl set, i'm plnning to buy some of them because i think thery're really interesting.

The sets made by shaper jacopo larcher seem to be beautiful.

I will give my review when i'll receive them.

See you


ntmb said...

I'll go inline on your comments with two stars to address them:

I think you really can't judge an entire copany form one single small not significant set.
**we didn't judge the company or the rest of their products we did what we always do "judge what they sent us"; i just re-read the review and have no idea where you're coming from

So your review in not useful and may cause an unconsistent damage to the brand.
**Urm, read above. How is our review not useful and if it causes damage to their brand then so be it. We review everyone small or large and we have criteria that all companies are held to, Kando were held to those they saw what we were saying and they said it was ok to publish it... so your point is what now?

Take a look at some big or xxl set, i'm plnning to buy some of them because i think thery're really interesting.
**As they didn't send them to us then we know nothing of these holds and haven't judged them, you're making up you're own opinion and apparently have nothing better to do than to post a reply to one of our reviews that has no founding and apparently no real cause... next

The sets made by shaper jacopo larcher seem to be beautiful.
**Did he shape the holds we reviewed? If he did when the review was sent to Kando they didn't ask us to change it, their bad

I will give my review when i'll receive them.
**Please do

See you