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When someone just tells us that there's a surprise in the post but don't tell us what's coming then we get excited. If it's Steve from Holdz in the UK then we know it's going to be something very different, Steve is a man of very few words he lets his product speak for him... if you've seen any of the other Holdz reviews we've done over the years you know all the usual stuff! Steve is a shaper for many many companies, and chances are if you live in Europe then you've probably climbed on one of his shapes.

This time he sent us the below:

Yup! A piggy back volume :) Thankfully we don't need to roll with videos this week because we have enough words and images to make up for it (You know we have the words :P) Now as it was pointed out to us over here this is a Piggy Back Hold, not a volume, it was conceived to break up roof sections mainly for home walls. The difference is in the eye of the beholder really, it's a volume in our eyes.

It's not the biggest thing on the planet but what it lacks in size it makes up for with features... you can place 10 holds onto this little guy, it takes any bolt you want to use and then if there aren't any T-nuts in the area there are four screw holes for you to use to attach it to the wall. Yeah, you can do either straight out of the box, no need to add your own screw holes!!

Then look at the back, it's center braced, the screws going through the braces as well as the bolt hole; yeah it's well thought out and has all the features you want from a volume. And then you realize that it's pretty damn light (Not HRT light) but light enough that your setters aren't going to complain when they're using it. Lets look a little closer at this guy:

As you can see our Piggy Back hold is red and it's a nice color of red as well, the screw holes are nice and tapered and even when it's on it's back it's just like you see it on the Holdz website. We've had this thing all over the place and it's a nice well built addition to any wall, even without holds (if you can manage to not sneak a finger tip into a bolt hole) it makes a nice volume that's tricky to grab onto even when it's on the flat. And here's a top tip for you: put bolts in from the back to stop the sneaky little finger catches!!

It's just a well made volume with one little flaw, see overall build and you can decide if it's an issue for you or not
It's a volume stick it where you want, just don't expect to haul on it with no holds bolted onto it! Put hold on it an then you're laughing, it's small so great for home walls, it doesn't take much space and it adds variety to small spaces

  • Number of holds: 1
  • Type (Bolt / Screw Ons): Bolt
  • Price per hold (set price divided by number of holds): 45 GBP
  • Color: Ours is red
  • Bolt placement: 10 placements
  • Sanding: Great
  • Hollow backed: Yes
  • Soft back (Rubber backed): No
  • Texture: Good enough that you can use it as a hold
  • Set size: XL
  • Versatility: Awesome
  • Pre-drilled screw holes: Yes
  • Shaper: Steve Goodair
  • Weight: TBC
So it's well made, we parked a Jeep on it; there's no strength issues at all! It takes any bolt you want to throw at it AND you can screw it to the wall, or use the screw holes to stop spinners. It's all up and up, want to use it as a hold? Knock yourself out, it's not the best, but it's hard to grab onto; it's got a grippy texture that's not great for training but great for feet to smear on

Cross braces, check, bolt and screw hole placements, check... this thing checks all the boxes of what you want... except one thing, if you fuck up the thread on a T nut you're done, you can't replace them as they're encased :( On some volumes we have we have changed the nut, on this guy you can't so when you destroy a nut you're done, that hole is finished so you'll need to tap it out (as in re-thread the nut) or not use the hole again... and that's the only negative of this volume, that's it, the rest is perfect in every way shape and form!!

Again we did some talking to Steve and the reason for the captive nuts is because it means there will be less chance of a cross thread scenario as all the nuts are perfectly flat!



Non replaceable T nuts, really? I know how consumerism works but the next level for me is a volume that allows replacement of nuts. Maybe its me but a hold, or a volume is for life not just for Xmas :) Hell I could if I wanted change a but on a Nicros volume but here in this case I can't, shame really because what's going to break first is the nut, not the volume. If I know anything about Holdz it's everything else will break before the hold!!

So where am I with this little beast? Perfect, I can't fault it, apart from the nut issue and lets not dwell upon that because if you're cross threading nuts as a setter the go work at Starbucks or something! It's strong, it has TEN yes TEN placements on it and it's pretty small, sure you can't lob an XL hold onto it but maybe there will be larger versions of this in the future, but when you sit down and look from a home wall stance you've just found what you want, from a commercial stance there is bigger and better out there but here's what most people don't realize is that this will bolt onto most of the big volumes out there adding more dimension to your customers climbing.... you know that box you just built for your last comp?

Yeah, well add this and you've got another angle to play with, sure it's not something that you can put large hold onto, but look at it as something to add more versatility to what you already have and you're onto a winner, just be careful with your nuts :)

So Holdz and volumes... this is the first I've seen from these guys and I'm wondering if I like it or not. We have way larger volumes that "seem" to add more and we have volumes that don't have T nut placement that add less, you can see the problem here.Motavation volumes add more, Nicros add less placements but you can grab the shape (Jug-orNot) and there's this, you can grab it but it's what you can add to it, small hold wise, that makes it what it is. It's not a VOLUME volume in my mind but more of an addition to your climbing fun, sure if you had a bunch of these volume I could see a difference on a flat wall but we don't and we review what we have

I agree with the not being able to replace a nut issue but I love that it bolts or screws to most good sized volumes to add another dimension to them. For me it's as addition to a volume not a volume by itself, it does a good job and it's strong but for some reason I expect more from Holdz, maybe because Noodles loves them so much but I wanted next level from this and all I got was current.

  • Breaks up a flat surface nicely
  • Pretty light
  • Lots of hold placements
  • Bolt on and screw on!
  • If you do cross thread a nut you can't easily change it

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