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If you know anything about us and new companies you know that we don't just review one line from a company, we generally look at one or two to see if their shaping and pouring is consistent. So here's a second set from Figure Four; they're called Lines Two, lets take a look:

If you read the review on the Lines One (here) you know that they were simple clean shapes that in some cases could be matched. With the Lines Two you find the same thing but on a bigger scale, all of the holds are easily matched and if paired with the One's it means you have enough holds for a pretty good boulder problem. All of the holds are incut so the terrain you put them on is pretty much up to you; we've had them on the roof and we've taken them to the local gym and have set a V1 with some fairly long moves on it.; so far from asking people that we've seen climb the route no one has complained about the texture or the clean grabbing areas that you're going to find.

These holds all have a nice little lip, that is rounded down so it's not sharp, that allows climbers when these holds are being used as side pulls or even when they're up the wrong way to get some nice sneaky thumb catches pretty much wherever they grab; the only time the ledge really come into play is when you're setting on steep (over 30 degrees) and when the holds are being used to force moves. Forcing moves is always an interesting task when the holds are easily matchable, getting the sequence just right takes some tweaking but we're glad to say with some creativity you can do it with these guys... it's hard but not totally impossible.

Where these holds really shine is when they're paired with their little cousins and they're used to create problems on steep terrain, setting a V3 to V5 is simple as pie because although these holds are incut they're not bomber incut, they're just enough and comfortable enough that people can work a problem and not worry about their fingers.


The suggested uses is an interesting one, it depends upon how steep you're planning to go with these holds; they're super hand and skin friendly, kids can probably get all of their extremities onto them and any beginner on shallow terrain is going to be happy. We've had them on the roof for some opposing moves and you can hang around quite awhile without too much bother, we've also set 5 move V1 problems with them on 15 degree walls... most people want these guys on a 30 degree where they're great for training strength and matched sequences

  • Number of holds: 5
  • Type (Bolt / Screw Ons): Bolt
  • Price per hold (set price divided by number of holds): $45 / 5 = $9 per hold
  • Color: Deep red
  • Bolt placement: Middle
  • Sanding: Great
  • Hollow backed: No
  • Soft back (Rubber backed): No
  • Texture: Very grippy
  • Set size: Medium / Large
  • Versatility: Good
  • Pre-drilled screw holes: No
  • Shaper: George Reynolds
  • Weight: 2lbs
Lets roll with whats missing first... set screw holes because we made these holds spin a bunch despite how tight we did them up... it's a little thing and the one thing we can (and will) complain about, we really thought that people had got the message already!!

All of the holds have a QA stamp on the back of them, and you can see that they've all been sanded totally flat. All of he bolt holes are square and well drilled with an inset washer to spread the force of tightening them down

Simple and clean lines with a texture that has a bite to it, once they're chalked up it gets much better without clogging too much; when they do get over chalked they can tend to become a little slippery to grab but just taking off some of the chalk without having to scrub too hard brings them back to life quickly

These holds are a deep almost maroon color that's nice to see and if you're wall is covered in red holds picking these out isn't a problem at all; they stand out against the normal run of the mill reds most people put out

These holds again like the Lines One have a clean simple style to them, they're eye catching but great for the hands (and the occasional heel hook), we've always said that in most cases for training simple is better and these holds mix simple lines with a lip that when the going gets steep allows you to set on steeper terrain and still be able to crank out the moves.

Overall, strong mix, clean simple lines and great colors; shame about the lack of set screw holes



Simple clean, easy in shallow, pullable on the steep... overall a versatile hold for most angles!! Figure Four have done a great job with these holds and for once I won't harp on about the lack of set screw holes I think we drilled (HA) that one in enough above.

What do I like about these holds? Well the color sets them apart for sure, the shaping is also another stand up and take my hat off job... simple and a little complex at the same time and I appreciate that; it meant I could set what was in my head with little problem and have a great number of climbers walk away happy.

Another thing is the fact that we can gym test holds now as we set and have access to a commercial facility... (we also climb there a bunch) and I was worried about the holds getting slick quickly from all the hands and feet that would hit them... no such problem, maybe because loose chalk isn't allowed so you can't cake you hands in the white stuff before climbing. I've stuck a do not brush these holds tag on the route i've set and I climb the route a few times a week (taking notes each time about the holds) and i've not seen any problems... for gyms this is great news because you won't have to clean them too often!

Figure Four have done a great job and again the price is pretty damn spot on! We cranked these guys up hard on our bench and they're bomb proof... after two months of gym use they show no signs of wear; great job


  • Great price
  • Awesome color that stands out
  • Clean simple shapes that are good on the steep stuff as well as the shallow stuff
  • No set screw hole

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