Saturday, December 15, 2012

Top Ten Home Training Aids

      Normally we publish a top ten of climbing holds, we're in the middle of that and some reviews right now so we asked someone who is a professional trainer for climbers what his top ten home training aids... there are links to each product here so you can go and find them!!

      Although the Moonboard and Beastmaker got top billing there is something else that`s kind of in a class of it`s own... and it`s well worth a look (its also the subject of an upcoming review)... the Boulderboard from Brewers Ledge. Why is it in a class of it`s own? Because it's more expensive than the other items that are featured here; but if you have the space and you want to train then it's well worth it. We have one and it's setup purely as a system board, it's covered in Atomik Climbing's System Holds and there are a pair of Bombs (number four on this list) hanging from it... it's just flat out awesome because you can come home and get your training on easily!!
  1. Moonboard or Beastmaker Hangboard: why ? Takes no space and it’s going to make you a beast, name says it! For the US and Canadian customers it's good to know that Revolution Climbing stock the boards, everyone else in Europe them click: here.  It's also good to know that there is a nice iPhone app for the Beastmaker board
  2. Gym ring : for that awesome core that you`re going to get. Takes no space, it’s like climbing on the ground. You have to generate force from toes to fingers. Check out the Friction Climbing rings here
  3. Blank Slate: Jf you don’t have a owner like mine, who doesn’t care about holes in his walls, then you need this. As long as your door frame is strong you`re going to be fine! The only down size, no jumping to catch holds. Our review of it is: here
  4. Atomik Bombs: do you want brutal pinch power or not ? Takes no space and are super practical for training all you need to do is hang them up. Our review is: here
  5. Japanese Thai ball: awesome for warming up, cooling down and injury prevention. They reinforce your fingers from the tip to the wrist
  6. A small pad, like the Organic Starting Pad: if you do fall it will catch your carcass. Or you can do a good deed to the planet and reuse and old pad.
  7. Swiss ball: for cross training, balance is the name of the game.
  8. Weight Vest: if you want to improve you have to increase the intensity. You don’t need one that can take 75 pounds, but a 10 to 40 adjustable one will do the trick.
  9. Hand Weights: for cross training and injury prevention
  10. The book, Mental Training for Peak Performance from Steven Ungerleider, you have to do something while you rest, so make it count !
 So there you go for a home trainer that's short on time then here's your top ten of things you need to get strong. We'd like to thank Guillaume Raymond for compiling the list for us! He's a member of the PCI and is sponsored by: Uncarved Block, Organic Climbing, Climbing Hold Review, Climb It. He's also a professional trainer and you can find him at Shakti Rock Gym in Montreal

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