Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Win a Rock Town Guide Book

Right, want to win some stuff?? All you have to do is name the routes that are in the below images!! What you'll win is either a copy of this:
A copy of the Rock Town guide book, of which there are 7 to win, or you could win this:
A CHR baseball hat months before they go on sale, there are 7 of these as well :)
So 14 prizes for 14 winners.... just name the routes, it's that easy!!

Here are the routes:







You need to email in your answers (top left of the page is a link to our email) with your answers, have the subject line read "I WANT A GUIDE BOOK OR A HAT" or you'll be disqualified, this comp is open to Canada and the US only (sorry (or unless enough people bitch and we extend it to the rest of the World)) and in the case of a tie then you need to answer this question "What the name of the CHR cat?"

It's pretty simple, have fun and safe climbing!!

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